Top 10 Best Free Movie Apps To Stream TV Shows & Movies Online 2022


We live in modern society and in recent years our habits have changed completely with the arrival of advanced smartphones. Today, we use our high-end mobile devices for our mostly day-to-day works. Whether we want to listen to a song or watch a movie, we do it all with the help of our smartphone. In this article, we will talk about some of the best android apps that will help you to watch movies online free. These are not only the movies apps but you can use these apps for watching your favorite TV shows also.

I hope you all are familiar with Netflix. Netflix is a platform that gives you access to thousands of awesome movies and TV shows for a price. There are several among us who do not want to pay price to watch the content. If you are one of those then this article is made for you because we will help you in finding free movie apps for Android operating system. You will not need to pay a single dollar to watch any movie or TV show on the apps that we will list.

List Of 10 Best Free Movie Apps To Stream Movies & TV Shows Online In 2022

1. ShowBox

ShowBox is one of the best android apps to watch movies online free. It is used by millions of users across the globe for its awesome features. You can use ShowBox as an alternative to the Netflix. Netflix is a membership based platform while Showbox does not charge you anything for providing movies and TV shows. ShowsBox has a beautiful interface and design. ShowBox’s design and colors will not put strain on your eyes while watching your favorite movie or TV show. There are tons of awesome features in ShowBox that you will witness while using the app. Some key features of the ShowBox app are listed below:

  • You do not need a ShowBox account to stream your favorite content on the ShowBox app.
  • Mostly free streaming services display tons of annoying ads but it is not the case with ShowBox because there are no ads in the app.
  • Showbox supports the HD format. You can watch your favorite movie or TV show in full HD on the ShowBox app. If your internet’s speed is slow then you can change your settings and watch your content in other resolutions also.
  • You will be able to watch subtitles on ShowBox. Subtitles are a real help when you are watching a movie in other languages.
  • At ShowBox, You do not get to stream TV shows and movies only but you also get the feature to download your favorite movies and TV shows to watch later.

2. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is another free movie apps for Android that is available on Google’s play store. The name of the app says it all about Sony crackle. Sony app is an entertainment product from a well-known entertainment distributor Sony Entertainment. You can use this app for watching all the movies from Sony Pictures for free on your mobile devices.

Sony crackle is tied up with other movie providers also to increase the content on its app. The movies are in high quality and you can expect wholesome entertainment from Sony Crackle. The only problem that you can face with Sony Crackle is ads. Yes, Sony Crackle displays a lot of ads to its users. However, ads are very important for the developers for running the app. Some of the major features of Sony Crackle are listed below:

  • Sony Crackles is a very fast application to watch movies online free. Sony Crackle is a lightweight and smooth app.
  • It gives you an account with the data storage without any fee.
  • Crackle is well-known for supporting HD quality. You can use Sony Crackle for viewing movies in different types of format.
  • Sony Crackle has a very vast library of movies that you can watch without paying anything for free.

3. Bobby Movie Box

Bobby Movie Box is a very popular name in the field of free movie apps for android. It is very popular for providing HD quality movies and TV shows after a very short period of the release. You can expect the arrival of new movies and TV shows on Bobby Movie Box at earliest.

Bobby Movie Box uses several global servers to provide you the awesome movies and TV shows in your preferred quality. However, the only drawback of Bobby Movie Box is it’s not available on the play store. But you can download its APK file directly from the official website. Some of the other features of Bobby Movie Box are listed below:

  • Bobby Movie Box provides the latest movies and TV shows for streaming and downloading purpose without requiring an account on the app.
  • At Bobby Movie Box, Movies and TV shows are available for a long time because the content is stored on different servers globally.
  • This movies app provide you option to watch movies with subtitles. However, you will be required to download the subtitles first to watch with movies on Bobby Movie Box.
  • It does not show any ad to its users. Your experience will be intact while watching your favorite movie.
  • Bobby Movie Box is a very simple and easy to use app that supports the use of Chromecast.

4. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a movie and TV shows streaming app that a person of any age group can use. It is available to download on the play store. Tubi TV has become a household name in a few years of its launch. It has garnered more than fifty installs till now and this number is growing rapidly. Tubi TV is known for providing movies and TV shows that are not available anywhere else. You will find movies at Tubi TV which are very popular but are not available on any similar platform.

Tubi TV has thousands of TV shows and movies to offer for free. You can watch movies in different genres on Tubi TV ranging from action, drama, Kids, Comedy, Horror, Fantasy, sci-fi, Animations and, more. The best thing about Tubi TV android app is you will get the trust that it won’t spread any malware into your device because it is available on play store. Some other and major features of the Tubi TV are given below:

  • Tubi TV is a free movies app that provides supports for platforms like Chromecast, Xbox, and several smart TVs.
  • At Tubi TV, You will be able to watch your favorite movie or TV show from the place you left it.
  • It is one of the legal movie streaming apps that you can use for free. Tubi is pretty fast while loading.
  • Tubi TV provides free streaming to all the users in high quality.
  • This App has a very large database of TV shows and movies that you can stream for free.

5. TerrariumTV

TerrariumTV is somewhat different from other movie streaming apps. It uses cloud services and google drive storage to store movies and TV shows. You can consider TerrariumTV as the best alternative to the ShowBox app. TerrariumTV claims to provide more than 10,000 movies and TV shows to users worldwide to watch on their mobile devices for free. TerrariumTV has a beautiful interface and you will love using this app because it gives you an option to watch movies in a higher quality when compared with other free movie apps for Android. Some of the major features of this app are listed below:

  • TerrariumTV provides a very large database of movies that you can watch in 4K format.
  • With TerrariumTV, you get the ability to save and download movies or TV shows in your SD card and internal storage of your mobile phone.
  • It supports the use of Fire Stick and Chromecast. If you love to watch movies on big screens then you can use these gadgets to watch 4k movies on larger screens with the help of TerrariumTV.
  • TerrariumTV can be used for bookmarking your favorite movies and TV shows. At TerrariumTV, it is a very important feature considering a large number of available programs

Other Interesting Movie Streaming Apps

6. Vudu

Vudu is our 6th app in the list of best free streaming apps. You can use Vudu to watch more than 1000s of movies for free. You are not charged anything for registering on Vudu. Vudu gives you 4k movies that you can play on large screens with the help Chromecast and similar devices. It might display some ads but these ads are very short. Vudu is available on play store to download and if you are looking for free movie apps for Android then Vudu is definitely made for you.

7. OneBox HD

OneBox HD is new among movie apps to watch movies & TV shows online free. It gives you access to a new world of movie streaming where you can watch all the movies and TV shows for free. OneBox HD has an easy to use interface. It provides you the option to watch movies online and offline(by downloading). The best thing about OneBox HD is that it gets updated on a regular basis and you will find new content every day whenever you open this free movie app for android.

8. UKMovNow

UKMovNow has a very simple & smooth user interface that will feel soothing to your eyes. You won’t find many Bollywood movies on UKMovNow but you will find thousands of Hollywood/International movies to watch. Movies are added on a regular basis on UKMovNow. It is very trusted app among other movie apps.

9. SnagFilms

SnagFilms is known for providing movies in several different languages from different movie industries like Bollywood, Hollywood, Chinese, Korean, African and, Spanish. There are more than five thousand movies that you can watch at SnagFilms for free. It is known for providing critically acclaimed movies and documentaries. SnagFilms is becoming very popular among free movie apps for android.

10. MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD is a very popular free movies apps for android. You can use MegaBox HD to watch movies in HD quality. It has a wide range of genres to choose movies from. MegaBox HD does not show ads to its users and it is the best thing about the app. MegaBoxHD provides the option to watch movies online and offline(to watch later. MegaBox HD is among the best movie streaming apps.


It was our list of free movie apps for android. You can choose your favorite movie streaming app from the list that we have created. There are several best free streaming apps on the internet that will try to claim to provide movies and TV shows streaming for free but most of these websites can put your security at risk and before you use any of such app, read the permission of the app carefully. We also suggest you use A VPN while watching movies