8 Best Photo Editor Apps for Android 2022


Social media has created a great influence in our lives, and we need the best images to create images among our friends. Though our smartphone cameras have improved so much to click DSLR-like photos, still, many of us don’t get satisfied with our photos. So, we need software through which we can edit photos like professionals, and on that account, we have provided some of the best photo editor apps for android 2022 through which you can edit your photos and make them better on your phone.

Other than impressing someone, we live in a world where the graphic design industry is evolving every day, and many companies need to advertise their product through images as images strike our minds faster than words. These photo editor apps and many photo editor apps have come into the market that gives the freedom to design convincing posters and banners using photos with the help of different tools.

According to your needs, we have mentioned some of the best photo editing apps which help to create better images than before and which can catch the eye of a viewer.

List of Photo Editor Apps for Android

1. PicsArt

PicsArt is a popular photo editing app among photo-lover that is featured to make your photo more attractive. PicsArt has its community with over 150 million creators all over the world to showcase their artwork.

This app is featured with some amazing tools through which you can make a professional level collage, add and create stickers, quick remove background, mirror selfies, and much more.

2. Snapseed

Snapped is a professional photo editing software developer by a well-known name, google, with awesome features which include 29 tools like crop tool, rotation which can rotate your image almost 90 degrees, perspective too, white balance, brush, healing, text, curve, and much more which can enhance the beauty of your image.

You can share your photos directly on social media and with your friends with its flexible sharing option.

3. Canva

Canva is one of the best photo editing apps for android 2022, very popular among graphic designers. Canva is an Australian-based graphic design platform that is used to create social media graphics, documents, posters, presentations, and other visual content.

Cliff Obrecht, Melanie Perkins, and Cameron Adams are the founders of this platform, and the headquarters is situated in Sydney, Australia.

This app is available on both online platforms, and the app is also developed for android users loaded with various features including video transitions, crop tool to get the perfect frame, captures the memorable moments, and have an online recovery mode and other features which make it a perfect app for the graphic designer to edit their photos on their phones.

4. YouCamPerfect

YouCamPerfect is the perfect selfie photo editor and beauty camera app, which includes all the photo editing tools you need to create an attractive image.

The key features of this app are it saves photos in HD quality, removes the watermark, and unlimited object removal. On adding some more features, we can edit selfies in seconds, make a creative collage, multiple frames and effects, magic brush and layers, background removal, highlight and blur option which helps to create the HD quality image.

5. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe, a well-known name, has developed an Adobe Lightroom is, a creative organization and an image manipulation software. Lightroom is a very powerful photo editor and a camera app that can enhance the beauty of your photograph and help to capture empowering photos.

This software includes easy-to-use tools like slider and filter, retouch full-resolution photos, filters, and you can start editing whenever and wherever you want.

6. Photo Lab

Photo Lab has a vast collection of style and funny photo effects, which includes more than 900 effects with face photo montages, photo frames, filters, and animated effects. These tools allow you to make your photos more gorgeous and fun to edit as you can montage your image.

You can post your creativity directly from the app and make quick changes wherever needed.

7. Photoshop express

Photoshop express is another app created by Adobe that provides fun, fast, and easy photo editing with some awesome tools. This app delivers all the personalized tools at your fingertips with enhanced color gradients, sticker maker, and the freedom to create the collage, generate memes, highlighter, and make quick fixes. You can post your creativity directly from the app to every social media platform and share it with your friends.

8. Toolwiz

Toolwiz photo editor is an outstanding way to edit your photos specially designed for smartphone users. This is the best photo editor app for android 2022 with more than 200 tools which makes it a complete package to edit any photo.

Its key features include a magic filter with 40+ filters, a fast filter with 80+ feeling tone filters, and an art filter including all the landscape, glamor glow, etc. It is also featured with image tone, art effect, and 20+ blur options.

Final Verdict

In the world of visual promotion and where there is so much influence of social media, we need software through which we can express our words through images, and to fulfill that gap, we explored some of the best photo editor apps for android 2022 to make your life simple and easy.