Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes (2022) – Best Prop Hunt Maps!


fortnite prop hunt map codes

One of the most popular games available in the Creative portion of the Fortnite game, Prop Hunt, is based on the premise of hiding and finding a player dressed as a prop. The objective is to either find a disguised person or avoid being found oneself.

If you’re looking for a type of game that requires stealth and skillful tactics, look no further than Fortnite Prop Hunt! There are some Codes that’ll get you started on the mode at a discounted price. Want to play on your computer or console? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes List

Carnival Prop Hunt

Carnival Prop Hunt Map Code: 3119-6798-1923

This map emphasizes that one of the greatest joys of summer is a carnival. It offers up so many crazy games and objects in which to incorporate yourself into. If you’re stuck inside because temperatures are too high, and can’t spend time outside, this map brings your favorite summertime craziness right to where you are!

Prop Hunt: Tidal Wave

prop hunt tidal wave

Prop Hunt: Tidal Wave Map Code: 8312-0054-3731

This map inspired by the landscape on Easter Island has everything you need–sea turtles, hot weather, and of course those pesky hunter waves.

Prop Hunt With Abilities

prop hunt with abilities

Prop Hunt With Abilities Map Code: 9249-3264-0093

If you find yourself in need of some country joy, try playing Prop Hunt With Abilities. There is enough space to hide, as well as tools and a nicely detailed farm. You can choose head wear that references your favorite country singer and listen to some old songs while you run around avoiding shot guns.

Prop Hunt: Cozy Cafe

prop hunt cozy cafe

Prop Hunt: Cozy Cafe Map Code: 8851-5874-9250

If you love going to a cafe to celebrate someone’s birthday or are a fan of making delicious milkshakes and burgers, this cozy cafe is the perfect setting. Make sure to sit in plain sight as a stool or trashcan. Reminiscing about good times from your favorite small fast-food restaurant is fun here, too.

Easter Egg Park Prop Hunt

easter egg prop fortnite

Easter Egg Park Prop Hunt Map Code: 6449-8811-4648\

Easter Egg Park Prop Hunt Map, is one of the most popular maps for the holiday. It’s popularity is because of the close association with Easter’s small and easily missed objects. Fortnite’s Easter Egg Park Prop Hunt is themed as a beautiful park in a city. As with all games, this map also has professional game design. It is a great way to enjoy Prop Hunt every day, not just on holidays!

Hotel Deluxe: Prop Hunt

hotel deluxe prop hunt

Hotel Deluxe: Prop Hunt Map Code: 7451-9512-8283

This game’s simple rules follow a simplistic theme: for 10 minutes, get away from hunters by hiding inside a hotel. Any hunter can start the timer and up to 10 hunters can participate in the round at any given time. Regardless of how skillful one is playing, it’s hard not to find someone who isn’t familiar with what they’re doing near you in the limited amount of time. Hiders usually don’t last long—can you?

Summer House: Prop Hunt

summer house prop hunt

Summer House: Prop Hunt Map Code: 9333-9129-4841

Fortnite: Summer Event lets you experience the summer all year round, whether you’re playing competitively or casually. Hunt for a secret agent stowed away in your typical beach house and you’ll have a fun time, regardless of the mode you choose to play.

Roller Disco Prop Hunt

roller disco prop hunt

Roller Disco Prop Hunt Map Code: 3948-7015-9316

Go back in time on Roller Disco Prop Hunt! Hide from players by transforming into objects from the past – from games like Pong and Pac-Man to 80’s home use appliances. Try this map out for a fresh twist on an old game. The mechanics are pretty standard, just beware of those seekers!

Prop Hunt: Modern Mall

prop hunt modern mall

Prop Hunt: Modern Mall Map Code: 1679-1165-5282

The following is a map that has been updated recently. One indication of its popularity is that it was once featured in Epic Games’ Fortnite, which helped increase its popularity among the player base. There are many variety of objects to disguise yourself as and provide an extra challenge for the hunters during gameplay. However, the hunters have special abilities, unlike other Prop Hunt maps!

Laser Tag Prop Hunt

laser tag prop hunt

Laser Tag Prop Hunt Map Code: 5717-9259-0171

While the map is similar to the Fortnite arcade map, it still makes different use of new Creative items with a beautiful lobby that is well-designed. It also has an area where you would play laser tag, which is a representation of the official game’s laser tag mode. It’s a fun map that also has great looks and could be enjoyed by those who enjoy playing Fortnite Prop Hunt maps.

How to enter Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes?

You need a Custom Match code to play on any map published in Creative or Playground modes. With it, you can play that map with other players. You can enter Fortnite Prop Hunt codes quickly.

  1. Enter the game. In Fortnite Lobby, press the Discovery button in the upper left corner.
  2. Click on a Creative section.
  3. Type in the Prop Hunt code in the code box.
  4. Press Enter to confirm map choice.
  5. Return to the lobby and press Play to launch the game mode.

If you want to play the videogame Fortnite, you can add in codes for on-screen prop rewards in-game. Search for ‘U6BD’ and explore any of the islands of the Welcome Hub.

What is Fortnite Prop Hunt?

Fortnite Prop Hunt is a mode where you can hide as a prop or be the hunter. Using the Prop-o-Matic weapons, you can transform into any character, giving you fresh challenges each round. Each map has its own victory conditions and rules so that no two rounds are ever the same for players.