Fortnite Hide and Seek Codes (November 2022)


Fortnite Hide and Seek Codes (November 2022): If you are having trouble getting out into nature and enjoying the outdoors, it might be worth playing Fortnite or other games with friends to have fun! What a better way to spend time with each other than to play hide and seek on the best maps out there. There are great custom maps for this kind of fun, so we’re taking a look at five of the best ones.

fortnite hide and seek codes

Fortnite Hide and Seek Maps List

  • Hunted: 9664-2134-4038
  • Borderlands Infection Hide & Seek: 4819-8403-7360
  • Modern City Hide & Seek: 7477-6379-1293
  • Summer House Prop Hunt: 9333-9129-4841
  • Mansion Mayhem Hiding Game: 7035-2787-5434
  • Hide & Seek Among the Pharaohs: 7477-6379-1293
  • Prop Hunt – Wizards Great Hall: 1474-2507-3173
  • The Props that Stole Christmas: 7115-2100-1957
  • Prop Hunt – Zig Zag Zoo: 3957-6223-5002


Join a team of other players in an asymmetric Hide and Seek game that draws heavy influence from games like Evolve and Dead by Daylight. As a survivor, you must complete objects and make your escape before the hunter eliminates you. The hunter actively pursues survivors to stop escapees from succeeding.

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Borderlands Infection Hide & Seek

It’s virtually impossible to avoid playing a game of Hide and Seek. The best games are typically those that are creative, interesting enough to explore, and easy to navigate. If you’re looking for one of the best this season, look no further than Infection Hide & Seek on the Borderlands map. The visually interactive level design and highly detailed features make it a must-play for any fan of the game or person who loves long-term escape games.

Modern City Hide & Seek

Although it came out before the parkour mechanics were introduced in season 3 of Modern City Hide & Seek, this map is great for parkour! You are taken to the center of a giant city with many buildings and construction surrounding you. Some of the sites make good places for parkour, especially when you’re trying to escape from seekers. However, if you think you’re about to get caught by someone like Hakeem, you can always try another quick escape using your parkour skills!

Mansion Mayhem Hiding Game

The retro-style map “Mansion Mayhem” has redefined creativity with a depth of well-hidden places. The map is uniquely challenging to Seeker players because there are numerous spots the Seekers can find throughout the map that appear to be normal and bare on first glance. Yet, there are also enough secret areas for Hiders to create an exciting gameplay experience!

Hide & Seek Among the Pharaohs

This map is for people who like to explore and may not be familiar with the environment. It is a large map with a plethora of places that you can investigate to find hiding spots. Keep getting found in one area? Try another part of this expansive desert oasis. Hunters are going to have an incredibly difficult time trying to find all the seekers across the vast expanse of this map.

Prop Hunt – Wizards Great Hall

The team at Epic Games has created a new Prop Hunt Fortnite map that is based on the popular “Harry Potter” franchise. Up to 50 witches and wizards can now play on this multiplayer map, and hunters now have special abilities that provide them with an edge over their opponents. If you cast your spells at the right time, you are likely to catch the other players (or outsmart them). Basically, this is a Prop Hunt game with abilities!

Alice in Wonderland Hide & Seek Map

This world is a map of the original Alice in Wonderland book. It was created by a woman named Lewis Carroll who wrote the story in 1867. The Red Queen’s garden hedge maze serves as characters from the story trying to find the others on an adventurous day. You can change into Alice and explore without getting caught, or if you want to make it even more difficult, put your head’s on the line!

The Props that Stole Christmas

It is a map that takes the traditional gameplay of Hide & Seek on Christmas holiday and turns it into a Prop Hunt game. The elves in these pre-designed maps are playing “Prop Hunt” with Santa’s toys. These maps are not your traditional games because the elves from here make the hunters seem like villains than seekers. Regardless, this is perfect for continuing the holiday spirit!

Prop Hunt – Zig Zag Zoo

Return to the classic Prop Hunt mode in which Seekers and Hiders battle it out to use the environment around them to their advantage. In Zig Zag Zoo, you are (unsurprisingly) placed in a zoo, and must disguise yourself as one object in that location to hide from the hunters. Unfortunately, the seekers are not animals–the game would be over too quickly because there would be no one people would love more than to be caught.

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