9 Game Strategi Terbaik Untuk Android 2022 Yang Harus Kamu Coba


In the era of huge games, which require high configuration to support these games, some companies as well as individual developers create games with low configuration requirements but at the same time fun to play. Here, we have listed some of the best strategy games for android 2022, which are simple, but at the same time, it is fun to play and improves your strategy-making ability.

Strategy games are the oldest type of game in human history, and this tradition has been followed since a long time ago. Now, the time has been changed, and as technology has changed, we can see many video games around us. But the basic rule is still the same, that is, you have to beat your opponent anyhow by making strategy.

So, here is the list of best strategy games for Android that allows you to showcase your strategy and creativity to have entertainment in your free time.

List Of Best Strategy Games for Android

1. Maze Machina

Maze Machina is a turn-based swiping strategy game in which a tiny hero is trapped by Automatron in its mechanical labyrinth, which is changing continuously. You are a tiny hero to extract yourself by making strategy.

The game is Amold Rauers and developed platform.

2. Tropico

This game is based on the very interesting theme where you have to extract the newly elected leader from the Caribbean island, which is underdeveloped with untapped resources and potential, and hope to deliver Tropico, an island country, into the glorious future by your creativity and defeat the enemies.

This fantastic game was developed by Haemimont Games, Limbic Entertainment, and many more and published by Kalypso and Feral Interactive.

3. Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion

This game is based on the Barbarian invasion, initially arrived for PC and later launched for Android. This is a complex strategy game where you have to combat in a colossal battlefield with coordination with hundreds of troops.

The publisher of this awesome is Activation, Sega, and Feral Interactive and developed by Feral Interactive and Creative Assembly.

4. Kingdom Rush: Vengeance

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game with an interesting twist. Similar to the other games, you are the attacker, and you have to destroy all the towers by making plans. Based on this theme, it is unique from the other games, and it makes the best strategy games for android 2022.

This game is developed and published by Ironhide Game Studio and Armor Games and provides a great graphical representation in the game.

5. Twinfold

Twin fold has strategic gameplay where you have to destroy all the facial expressions placed in the square boxes, and the level increases when you go ahead in the game.

This game was published and developed by Kenny Sun for platforms like Android as well as iOS.

6. Mini Metro

Mini Metro is a subway simulator game where you have to track the trains and make a quick decision to change the track to avoid an accident. As you go underground, the tension increases, and you need a quick action to play according to the training routine and stop, which helps to improve your decision-making ability.

Mini Metro is an awesome game developed by Dinosaur Polo Club and Radial game and designed by some very intelligent Peter Curry, Jamie Churchman, and Robert Curry. This game requires an accurate strategy to win.

7. Hitman GO

Hitman GO is a puzzling strategy game developed and published by Square Enix Montreal for Android users. The game allows the player to shoot their enemies in a sequence to win the round, and the level gets difficult as you go on winning the round. It is featured with awesome guns and ammo, which helps to develop your strategy.

8. Card Thief

Like the name, Card Thief is a Solitaire-like game that is designed for your smartphones. The developer of this game is  Amold Rauers, who has achieved some outstanding German Awards for the best game awards in 2017 for the PC version and the best mobile game award 2018, which was launched for Android.

This game has a very simple rule where you have to play with a deck of cards by adopting different strategies to steal others’ cards and win the rewards.

9. Freeways

Here, we have another strategy game where you have to build roads for the autonomous vehicles so that they don’t get burst with each other. This will nourish the ability of decision-making, and when this game is on a high note, then it will blow your mind as you have to make quick decisions to manage the vehicles.

This game has a single-player mode that is developed and published by Captain Games for Android.

Putusan Akhir

As the gaming world is growing, we can see many new games are being launched for the android platform. One of the popular segments is the strategy games which have been played since ancient times in human history, and now it has taken the face of video games, but the craze didn’t drop.

According to the demand, we have tried to mention some of the best strategy games for android 2022 who love to play peaceful games in which we need to invest our brains in winning.

Note that these games can be highly addictive, which can make you frustrated and mentally disturbed, so play at your own risk.